Revolutionizing retail parcel delivery in North America.

AWOL Group is on a mission to revolutionize parcel delivery in North America as Cleveron's sole licensed distributor of automated smart lockers and robotics.

Easy and fast in-store click-and-collect automated pickup continue to create customer loyalty and enhance the customer shopping experience even further.

Photo displaying the exterior of an IKEA store and the large Cleveron parcel locker system placed close to the store's front but in the parking lot.

AWOL Group's Top Retail Partners

Why AWOL Group

We are your full-service partner. No idea or scope is out of our reach. Let's take your desired use case and footprint and convert them into an indoor or outdoor solution that will optimize your operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce shipping costs, provide ROI, and can be available 24/7.

Photo displaying a Cleveron parcel solution inside an H&M store
Competitive Advantage

Streamline your retail operations and delight your customers.

Easy Setup

Our parcel lockers and robotics integrate seamlessly into your retail environment with custom branding.

Convenient Access

Customers can easily retrieve their packages from secure and user-friendly lockers.

Effortless Returns

Our solutions automate the returns process, making it quick and hassle-free for customers.

Integrated, Real-Time Tracking

Customers stay updated with advanced tracking, which is seamlessly integrated into your retail management system.

Photo displaying an IKEA parking lot location and the large Cleveron parcel locker units.
Photo of Cleveron unit inside a Zara clothing store location
Most Popular Solution

Meet the Cleveron 402

Discover the most popular expandable, click-and-collect parcel automation solution. Suitable for handling from 100 to more than 3000 parcels per day.

Cleveron 402 is a self-service pickup point. This solution is designed to efficiently automate high volume in-store click-and-collect parcel storing, delivering and returning operations.

This is just one example of many. Let's discuss your needs and create the perfect solution for your business.